Street Legal, Bite The Bullet, 2009

street legal - bite the bulletFor anyone who is longing for a band like Thin Lizzy to stop reliving the past and record some new music: your wishes have been fulfilled! That is, a bit. Because the current Thin Lizzy miss their original founder, singer, bass player and principal songwriter Phil Lynott and will probably tour till the end of times, playing all those famous songs. But record new material, no, not likely…

So here is where Street Legal come in. Norwegians Bjorn and Oystein Boge have again assembled a couple of friends and recorded their second album, Bite The Bullit. And while singer Bjorn is not a clone of Phil, I can stop thinking of Lizzy when listening to this. And mind you, not because they are blatantly ripping them off! No, this outfit has a mind of their own, but just ooze that same hard rock and boogie quality that Lizzy were famous for. Of course there is more to this. Firmly rooted in seventies music, but with a modern sound, this is not a one trick pony.

So this grooves, rocks and parties all night long. Easy to connect to, well done and just plain worth adding to your collection. So if you like Thin Lizzy, or if you are into melodic hard rock that kicks ass, this is a CD for you. Love it.


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