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Street & Stone, Turn, 2013

street & stone - turnAfter a hectic period in his life, renowned Dutch bass player Peter van Straten (Street) decides to leave his life as a touring player with Nina Hagen, Herman Brood, Billy Preston and many others behind and leaves for the peace of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Together with Alex Ayuli he writes many songs there and after Gary Rafferty´s advice to record them himself he starts the Street & Stone recordings. With help from many trusted friends like Wouter Planteijdt (Sjako!) on guitar, Leon Klaasse on drums, Rene van Barneveld on acoustic guitar and pedal steel and Nico Brandsen on Wurlitzer and other keyboards 12 songs are recorded and now see the light of day in the form of this CD, called Turn.

I think anyone who is into the Beatles and their countless spin-offs will find much to like on this album. It has a wonderful organic sound and the songs are overall mainly calm and just plain beautiful. It takes a lot of confidence to play in this style and still sound authentic, and this one is executed to perfection. Lovely songs, heartfelt melodies and an album that is a joy to listen to from start to finish. Great stuff to chill out to! It has just become available and I recommend it to anyone that is into any of the names mentioned. Very pleasant and atmospheric!