Subsignal, A Song For The Homeless, 2020

subsignal - a song for the homelessNormally I rarely feature live albums. Especially when I have doubts whether the contents have been “fixed” afterwards in a studio. But there are always exceptions and this is one of them. Not only because Subsignal are a natural successor to old favourite Sieges Even, but also because this is supposedly not a perfect(ed) album. Which makes it rather ehh perfect…

So with Live In Rüsselsheim 2019, the band have captured a moment in time when everything fell into place. Equipment, audience and band working together to create magic. Don’t know if you are familiar with these guys, but I guess that anyone into melodic progrock is. And if not, then this is a great way to familiarize yourself with what they have to offer.

Together the 12 songs on the CD clock in at almost 74 minutes and while previous album La Muerta is featured with a couple of songs, they also have a look at their back catalogue. And with 6 albums under their belt, there is enough to choose from.

There is a great atmosphere throughout the album, and Subsignal prove once again they are a formidable force!