Sue Straw, Two Wolfs, 2014

sue straw - two wolfsOn the recent Forest Field album American artist Sue Straw performed Native American Flutes on one track. This year sees Sue release no less than two albums on her own. First the album Native American Songs & Stories For Children (volume 1) and soon Two Wolves will be released. So it will not surprise you that the Native American flutes are present on both albums as well. And quite prominently I might add! Besides the flutes, Sue also sings and probably plays keyboards.

Having a history of performing and recording specifically for the children’s market, Two Wolfs is a bit of a departure from that. This aims at a more adult audience, although many children will still like this. People who like pop rock, with folk elements and storytelling. The folk side of things obviously sparked by the flutes. The rock side by electric guitars and even solos, and the pop side of things represented by the melodies and accessibility of the material. The storytelling because many of the lyrical subjects stem from Native legends and prophecies and historic poems.

All in all a very enjoyable album from Sue, who also pays tribute to all her colleagues in the song Women Of The Flute. There is a video for that on YouTube that presents no less that 41 musicians!


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  1. Thank you so much, Peter! … I am so glad you liked the children’s CD and the Preview Copy of TWO WOLVES! 🙂 … Native American Songs & Stories for Children, Volume One is for sale NOW on iTunes and CD Baby. … And TWO WOLVES will be officially released on October 15, 2014! 🙂

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