Sule, Hold On, 2018

sule - hold onTo be honest I cannot remember how I got this, and since there was no additional info included, I know next to nothing of the artist in question, except that he goes by the name of Sule. And probably is from Canada.

What I do know is that this album contains 16 tracks (and not 15 as it says on the art). The first 11 form the actual album, and the remaining 5 are bonus tracks. Often regular tracks in a different form, or sung in French. What I also know is that Sule is not set on a specific genre. Most of the album (at least in my ears) falls in the pop category, although a bit of rock elements are added here and there. But you will also find traces of country, rap, and R&B in the mix.
So what does that leave us with? Well actually, since it is sunny here, this will lighten up your BBQ with ease. It is feel good, melodic and nothing complex. It radiates the positive energy to really get the party going.
His singing shows traces of Seal, so it is warm and soulful. Combine that with songs that still feel authentic, despite probably not winning any originality contest, and the result is something that I would rather hear instead of 95% that gets played on mainstream radio. Not bad at all!