Sun Red Sun, Same, 1995

sun red sunDespite being a fan of Badlands singer Ray Gillen, I never knew this album existed. That is, until I recently discovered it. And with many known names (Bobby Rondinelli, the late Mike Starr, John West and Chris Caffery) on board, axeman and principal songwriter Al Romano has a lot of things speaking for him. So I figured more people would like to know about this.

Style wise this is even not that far away from Badlands. Less bluesy, more straight ahead melodic hard rock perhaps, but GillenĀ“s voice is unmistakable. Only 8 songs on it, of which 2 are sung by John West, this version also includes an interview with Al Romano and Bobby Rondinelli.

So for anyone familiar with Ray Gillen and into his voice, or if you just happen to like your hard rock with melody and power, this is something to dig up. May be hard to find, but worth the effort.

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