Suns Of Stone, II, 2016

Suns-of-Stone-2The first album from Suns Of Stone was discussed here not thát long ago (2 years) and I remember that I liked it, but also assumed the band could improve, as not all songs were of the same high calibre. So the question for the just released album number 2 (duh) is, did they?

Well one thing is for sure, that seventies vibe is still running strong. As is the choice to keep it all honest and authentic with little to no overdubs. So a guitar solo actually sounds like that, one guitar playing over drums and bass. And I must say, it surely feels that 2 more years under their belt and playing on every occasion provided, has paid off. This has swagger, sounds confident and energetic. It is still blues infused hard rock with a sometimes Southern flavour. Since they are from Canada, it must be in their system somewhere.
Listening to this a couple of times I do think the album is more consistent. They again prove to be masters of groove and riff and singer Alan has developed too, with a varied delivery and still pouring heart and soul into it.

So the obvious conclusion is the band have raised the bar and with their attitude of working hard and playing the planet, they seem to be destined for even greater things. Recommended!