Suns Of The Tundra, Murmuration, 2019

suns of the tundraWhile I was working my ass off the last couple of months, in the very limited free time I had, this album was played quite often. And while it might not be an album that everybody will enjoy, I must confess I keep being very intrigued by it, and that is not because of the artwork. After numerous plays, I am still not exactly sure what its charm is.

Is it the prominent bass throughout, that keeps reminding me of Chris Squire and Geddy Lee? Is it the melodies that are slowly nesting themselves in my brain? Is it the diversity on display?

Well in any case this is a progressive album by name and nature. But based on songs with head and tail, rather than by an abundance of technique. Kudos for that.

So in the end I guess it is not really important what its key features are. What is important is that I never minded hearing it over and over again.  Job well done!