Sylvan, Force Of Gravity, 2009

sylvan - force of gravityDespite having released a string of albums already, this is my first encounter with this German band. But if this release is anything to go by, it certainly won´t be the last!
I can say beforehand that this album won me over quite easily, as I was more than pleasantly surprised with it´s quality. Must have been something with expectations. Where I thought this would turn out a progressive album of a somewhat lighter nature, with a lot of emphasis on keyboards and the occasional guitar solo, I had a reality check.

Because what we have here is certainly not light. Sometimes it even borders into metal! And while singer Marco Glühman falls comfortably into the neo-prog typed vocals, he is also able to extend his vocal delivery so he can match anything the band throw at him. And the band are not afraid to throw a lot… sometimes metal like, sometimes groovy, sometimes symphonic and also the occasional riff, the palette is broad. Yet convincing in both delivery as in identity.

So the band offer almost 70 minutes of progressive music that has all there is to like about this style. Emphasis on songs and melody, and not on technical prowess. But rest assured, from the first second to the last this is sounding top notch.
I will have some catching up to do, and you?