Sylvium, Purified, 2012

sylvium - purifiedIt is not often that an EP gets some words on these pages. But in case of new Dutch band Sylvium I am only happy to oblige. And maybe even stranger when one knows this is instrumental progressive rock… But if you are still reading, then let´s go on.

This EP has 3 songs on it, Crash, Media and Solution. And with a playing time of 21 minutes (in some genres that is an album´s worth) you can do the math, songs of about 7 minutes each. What I like about it is that the band do not shy away from experimenting with moods, arrangements, tempo´s and even the odd use of soundclips from probably TV. The way more ambient moods are morphed into classic progressive rock with lots of groove, guitar and Hammond is really worthwhile. Porcupine Tree you say? Or Pure Reason Revolution?  Yeah, I guess that could be a reference.

An interesting way of getting to know the band and something anybody into the bands mentioned, progressive rock and or more ambient music, should give a try!




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