Sylvium, Waiting For The Noise, 2015

sylvium - waiting for the noiseWith yet another new line-up (now adding scene veteran Fred den Hartog on drums) Sylvium are back with their third release. And while my thoughts on their previous one was that it lacked a bit a colour and versatility, I feel that this release is easy their best one yet. Their mix of prog, rock and ambient now blends well and the rock factor is really there.

Not that they have turned into a full blown metallic monster. But this collection of songs at last move around, sometimes heavy, sometimes fragile and everything in between. Thus creating a mood and experience. Also more vocals this time, and that also helps getting into the music. This time 7 songs and 44 minutes on the album, with highlights for me being Signal To Noise, Fragile and Coda. The voice of Richard de Geest might still remind me a bit of The Mission, there is no doubt that he can carry a tune and really reaches out to the audience.

So for me the band are on the right track with this album. It is colourful, moody and versatile. Dutch label Freia-Music did the right thing and I congratulate all parties with this recommended release!