T.A.G., Swallow Your Modesty, 2011

t.a.g. - swallow your modestySo, this is the first CD from T.A.G., formerly The Alter Glow? That maybe the case, but I am sure that under the name V-Male they already released an album in 2004 (called W.H.A.T.) So not starters at all. Also a very experienced live crew, with gigs all over Europe. That is obvious from every aspect: the sound (courtesy of famed producer Oscar Holleman), promotion by Rock Inc. , to the artwork, songs, arrangements and instrument handling. They look and sound comfortable.

Still, it took me a couple of spins to get into the album. Maybe because I have been on a progressive run lately, and this is quite a different animal. They claim to be influenced by the likes of P.O.D., Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, 30 Seconds To Mars and Fall Out Boy. Well, no happy punk rock, a little rap metal (Guano Apes?), some alternative touches (which reminded me more of Rage Against The Machine´s Tom Morello actually). Metal for sure. And female singer Sandra has a pleasant voice and creates nice and interesting harmonies all around.

From the biography I understand they claim to have a unique and individual sound. And while I do think they are a very competent band with all the tools to deliver their music well, I think their claim at being unique is a bit off the mark. And you know what, I don´t even think that is a problem, as I am confident that anyone into the mentioned bands, will find something to his liking within this band. No doubt on quality here, so check them out.