Classic: Dio, Holy Diver, 1983

To me it is import to never forget the magic that Ronnie James Dio has added to my life. So some 30

Classic: ArcAngel, Same, 1983

Jeff Cannata, despite being in the biz since the seventies I think, is not a man of many releases. He always chooses

Classic: Jethro Tull, The Broadsword And The Beast, 1983

Many frequent visitors might be surprised by my Classic choice of today. Guess a lot would expect Aqualung, or maybe Thick As

Classic: Nightwing, Stand Up And Be Counted, 1983

this time in the Classic series: The 1983 Stand Up And Be Counted album by Nightwing.

Classic: Gary Moore, Victims Of The Future, 1983

The day after his tragic loss, who else can I pay tribute to besides Gary Moore (RIP)… This is his 1983 released Victims Of The Future.

Classic: Big Country, The Crossing, 1983

This weeks classic album is the 1983 released The Crossing by Big Country.

Classic: Simple Minds, Sparkle In The Rain, 1983

My view on classic albums, this time it´s 1983 album Sparkle In The Rain by the Simple Minds.

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