Classic: Prophet, Cycle Of The Moon, 1988

Wow, just realised it has beenĀ  a long time since I last pulled an album out of the closet to present here

Classic: House Of Lords, Self Titled, 1988

When someone like Gene Simmons gets involved in a band, you can be sure of a number of things: it rocks, it

Classic: Bulletboys, same, 1988

This time in the Classic series, the 1988 selt titles first release of party rockers Bulletboys.

Classic: Dare, Out Of The Silence, 1988

This weeks classic album is the career start of Dare, 1988 released Out Of The Silence.

Classic: Robert Palmer, Heavy Nova, 1988

This weeks classic record is the brilliant 1988 Heavy Nova album by the evenly brilliant but ales late Robert Palmer.

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