Classic: Signal, Loud & Clear, 1989

Not entirely sure, but I think that this album was my first encounter with the mighty vocals of Mark (now Marcie) Free

Classic: Black Sabbath, Headless Cross, 1989

Well, I guess some will be frowning and considering how on earth I got this one so wrong. But I really don’t

Classic: Giant, Last Of The Runaways, 1989

Talking about bursting unto the scene! The opening guitar of I’m A Believer shook many a home at the day, believe me!

Classic: Jeff Beck, Guitar Shop, 1989

To some it may be sacrilege, but this was my first encounter with the fabulous fretwork of one Jeff Beck. Together with

Classic: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mothers Milk, 1989

The classic of this week is the 1989 album Mothers Milk by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Classic: World Trade, Same, 1989

This week a look at the classic debut from World Trade.

Classic: Warp Drive, Gimme Gimme, 1989

This weeks regular classic post features Gimme Gimme from Warp Drive, released in 1989.

Classic: It Bites, Eat Me In St. Louis, 1989

Another Classic album, the 1989 Eat Me In St. Louis CD by (then) British progressive hope It Bites.