Classic: Shooting Star, It´s Not Over, 1991

One of my favourite albums from the early nineties is this one from American melodic rock band Shooting Star. Opening with the

Classic: Ozzy Osbourne, No More Tears, 1991

Can´t believe this has been available since 1991. Remember it like yesterday! Opening with Mr. Tinkertrain, with a four on the floor

Classic: Galactic Cowboys, 1991

The now sadly defunct Galactic Cowboy were a somewhat strange band. What is this style they play? Is it progressive metal, alternative,

Classic: Savatage, Streets, 1991

This time the classic is the 1991 Streets album by Savatage.

Classic: The Violet Hour, The Fire Sermon, 1991

This time a look at the classic The Violet Hour album The Fire Sermon from 1991.

Classic: Tyketto, Don´t Come Easy, 1991

This week the Classic album is from Tyketto with their 1991 don’t come Easy output.

Classic: Tall Stories, Same, 1991

A look at the classic Tall Stories debut from 191.

Classic: The Pilgrims, Once To Everything, 1991

This week the classic is a lost Dutch band called The Pilgrims with their 1991 album Once To Everything.

Classic: Fates Warning, Parallels, 1991

This week´s classic album is the 1991 released Parallels from Fates Warning.

Classic: Mr. Big, Lean Into It, 1991

This week´s classic album is Mr´s Big´s 1991 hit record Lean Into It.