Cirrha Niva, For Moments Never Done, 2009

Talking about misconceptions… Somehow my mind tricked me into believing this Dutch outfit was a neo prog band. So can you imagine

Mind Key, Pulse For A Graveheart, 2009

Can you imagine Jorn Lande joining a band like Threshold or Dream Theater? (yeah I am aware of the albums Jorn made

Winger, Karma, 2009

Must say I never quite understood the Winger bashing when they started out. Guess they could not care less as it did

On The Rise, Dream Zone, 2009

This second album from On The Rise (now with only Terje Eide playing most of the instruments, along with the help of

Lobster Newberg, Actress, 2009

Should you ever have wondered if talent is in the genes, and thus hereditary, here some proof that is actually the case.

Leverage, Circus Colossus, 2009

Just when I thought that the summer was gonna drown out all the energy in me, this Leverage CD popped up to

Vision Divine, 9 Degrees West Of The Moon, 2009

Vision Divine is one of those bands that took me a long time to get acquainted with. More to do with money

Street Legal, Bite The Bullet, 2009

For anyone who is longing for a band like Thin Lizzy to stop reliving the past and record some new music: your

Redemption, Snowfall On Judgment Day, 2009

A CD I was very looking out for to listen to. But failed to connect with the first couple of spins. Must

Outloud, We´ll Rock You To Hell And Back Again, 2009

To me, everything about this release screams metal clichés. From the CD title, the wall of Marshalls on the front cover, the

Silent Victory, No Sacred Ground, 2009

It was fun reading in the booklet where the title of this album came from. Sure something I recognize, being in a

D´AccorD, Self Titled, 2009

The first self titled album by D´Accord, released in 2009.

Oceans Of Night, The Shadowheart Mirror, 2009

The first album from Oceans Of Night, the 2009 released The Shadowheart Mirror.

Alias, Never Say Never, 2009

Review of the 2009 issue of Never Say Never from Alias.