Machiavel, Eleven, 2011

To many people Machiavel will be mostly associated with their early period and albums like Mechanical Moonbeams (1978) or New Lines (1980).

Devin Townsend Project, Ghost, 2011

Devin Townsend. The guy that screamed his way through the Sex & Religion album from Steve Vai? Who released several seriously heavy

Symphony X, Iconoclast, 2011

Being the usual late me, I still thought it was worthwhile spending some words on this band and release. After all, in

Yes, Fly From Here, 2011

What do you call a band, that exchanges band members like other people change underwear, and still manage to sound like nothing

X-Panda, Flight Of Fancy, 2011

Many bands claim to make progressive music, but the way I see it, X-Panda from Estonia (and not Latvia as I said

Black Country Communion, 2, 2011

With a title like this, it takes little imagination to figure out that this concerns album number two from the rock super

Magic Pie, The Suffering Joy, 2011

When I started this blog, now a little over 3 years ago, Magic Pie was among the first bands to get a

Minutian, Repercussions, 2011

Repercussions is the debut album for Finnish progressive metal band Minutian. The biography I got describes this as “a diverse serving of

Hurtsmile, Self Titled, 2011

Singer Gary Cherone is probably best known for his work with the band Extreme. But besides a sadly very misunderstood album with

Telergy, The Exodus, 2011

And now on to something different! Brainchild of producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Robert McClung, Telergy has set out to translate the bible

Pendragon, Passion, 2011

Recent years has seen Pendragon release albums in a regular time frame. As it has seen them do that with albums that

Leprous, Bilateral, 2011

A good friend has been bugging me for months to start listening to this album, such was his conviction I would like

Broach, My Darkest Hour, 2011

Hello there to these four youngsters from the South of Germany. But if they had told me they come from Canada, I

Steven Wilson, Grace For Drowning, 2011

Steven Wilson is a genius. There I said it! So expect a very biased review of this Grace For Drowning double disk.