Tide, No 4, 2012

From the title it is obvious this is not the first album by Tide. But it took some internet searching to find

Salim Ghazi Saeedi, NamoWoman, 2012

First thing of note from this album, is that the artist hails from Iran. And to put it mildly, that is not

Fireflight, Now, 2012

As Fireflight are a band seldom heard of in my part of the world, I figured I bring them to your attention

Billy Sherwood, The Art Of Survival, 2012

Ever since the appearance of Worldtrade on the music scene, late eighties, I have been an admirer of the skills of Billy

Jeff Scott Soto, Damage Control, 2012

In my mind Jeff Scott Soto is one of the best rock voices on the planet. So why he is still not

Elizabeth Simonian, Moonility, 2012

Ah, some music to calm down to! And not because there is nothing happening. No, Elizabeth Simonian manages to capture your attention

Anathema, Weather Systems, 2012

Truth be told, I do not write a post about every album that I listen to. Not only because I am already

Threshold, March Of Progress, 2012

Much to my surprise (and shame I must confess), so far there has been no post about one of my favourite progmetal

Mahogany Frog, Senna, 2012

Once I read that licking some kind of frog could bring you in a state of hallucination. Don´t know if that applies

Kamelot, Silverthorn, 2012

In my previous post on a Kamelot release, I spoke highly of the band and their singer at the time Roy Khan.

Tohpati Bertiga, Riot, 2012

It is not always that the best guitar players out there, are the ones everybody has heard about. Proof in question is

Ligro, Dictionary 2, 2012

Okay, this must be one of the most challenging albums ever to have made it´s rounds in my player. From Indonesia we

Docker’s Guild, Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance, 2012

Actually, the reason for this write up is quite a sad one. I was somewhat aware of this album, but it was

Magnum, On The 13th Day, 2012

If you are a site regular, it will not come as a surprise that I really like Magnum. I mean, their brand