Francis Dunnery, Frankenstein Monster, 2013

How this passed me by at the time I do not know, but being a massive fan of all things Dunnery has

Bolus, Triangulate, 2013

Despite being fairly late with talking about this release, I still want to write some words about this album from the nice

Grenouer, Blood On The Face, 2013

Don’t know about you, but a cover like this always makes me think of very heavy metal bands. You know, death and

Incura, Self Titled, 2013

For me, a band that plays progressive metal of the kind that grabs you on first listen, is doing something right! And

Queensryche, Self Titled, 2013

Recent years has seen quite some drama surrounding the Queensryche camp. Focussing more on legal fights then on music, which is quite

Arc Angel, Harlequins Of Light, 2013

Jeff Cannata is back with another Arc Angel album! If life was fair, that would have been enough to let millions of

Dynazty, Renatus, 2013

Lately I have been hearing lots of good things about Dynazty so I decided to give them a try. And holy cow,

Fish, A Feast Of Consequences, 2013

While I am playing catch up with all the things Fish has released in the last decade or so, it is nice

Güru, White, 2013

Okay, back to plugging and it´s offspring Melodic Rock Records. This time it´s time to discuss the deluxe edition of White,

The Jan Holberg Project, At Your Service, 2013

Bass player Jan Holberg was a force unknown to me, Yet he must have a something to offer, or else he would

Tarja, Colours In The Dark, 2013

Tarja Turunen made a name for herself as the singer of Finnish metal outfit Nightwish. Her operatic vocals sure made a lasting

Skillet, Rise, 2013

And here we have another première. For me that is, as Skillet already have a bunch of records out. This quartet has

Sevendust, Black Out The Sun, 2013

Regular readers of this blog will certainly recognise me advocating the need to stretch musical boundaries. Just look at all the different

Oneironaught, Enlist Today, 2013

And back to instrumental music. That is, for the most part. Oneironaught are a quartet hailing from the USA, probably New York