Yossi Sassi, Desert Butterflies, 2014

Yossie Sassi is of course known as the front man of Orphaned Land. Recently he pointed me (via twitter) to this solo

Pallas, Wearewhoweare, 2014

Pallas have been around for quite a while and in my humble opinion always deliver interesting albums. This is the second with

Nightingale, Retribution, 2014

Some of you might know Dan Swanö (vocals, guitar, keyboards) from his more heavy projects like Witherscape or Edge of Sanity. My

Platens, Out Of The World, 2014

Dario Grillo is a busy man. Another band of him Violet Sun, was featured here not that long ago, and now he

Anubis Gate, Horizons, 2014

Every time I listen to an Anubis Gate album, I am reminded of how great progressive metal can be. For me this

Druckfarben, Second Sound, 2014

A band that has long held a place on my “go check them out” list are the Canadians of Druckfarben. Mainly because

Tragik, Path Of Destruction, 2014

It took me a while to lay my hands on this Tragik album, but here it is! Tragik is the band where

The Radio Sun, Wrong Things Right, 2014

With their new album expected for coming September, I’d better hurry with writing about the The Radio Sun debut! Another Aussie band

Uriah Heep, Outsider, 2014

One of my favourite bands of all time have released another album, last years’ Outsider. And while some bands are good because

Bigelf, Into The Maelstrom, 2014

If you have ever listened to this band before than you will already know what you can expect from this album. Or

Obsidian Key, Loud, 2014

In essence, Obsidian Key is the vehicle for Brighton UK artist Sonic V (Paolo Zaino). Together with a batch of guests he

Jennie Abrahamson, Gemini Gemini, 2014

Somewhere I stumbled on a video of Jennie Abrahamson and it made me very curious to hear this album. It took some

Winger, Better Days Comin’, 2014

Even though this is from the previous year, I still wanted to pay attention to this release. And if you ask why

Kirk, Masquerade, 2014

Not sure if a Swiss band graced these pages before, but if not, than Kirk have the première. I am not really