Marching Out, Rock Will Never Die, 2015

So, you name your band Marching Out, your album Rock Will Never Die and start with a track called Prelude. If all

Unified Past, Shifting The Equilibrium, 2015

Recently I got in touch with Stephen Speelman, radio host of Friday Night Progressive. Turns out he is also the guitar and

Still Living, Humanity, 2015

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that it makes this a small world. We can now get in contact

The Radio Sun, Heaven Or Heartbreak, 2015

Round two from these Aussies, and again on Melodic Rock Records. And more things are the same, as again Paul Laine was

Corners Of Sanctuary, Metal Machine, 2015

It might be the first time ever that I would only need three words to describe an album. And these three words

Zingo, Zingo, 2015

I can almost hear you think, Zingo? Well, a little surprise maybe then, because one the of members is guitarist Keith Scott,

Wigg, Sally, 2015

This is the debut from Dutch rockers Wigg. In the vinyl time it would have been an album, now it is a

Ghost, Meliora, 2015

A lot of mystery is surrounding the band Ghost (B.C.). No one seems to be sure who they really are. Or if

Awake By Design, Carve The Sun, 2015

Should anyone need proof that progressive metal is still alive in the UK, you might be interested to check out this bunch.

Amboaje, All About Living, 2015

Obviously there is a strong connection between Spain and Andrew McNeice from Melodic Rock Records, as this is not the first and

Caligula’s Horse, Bloom, 2015

Somehow I guess that on account of their rather excellent 2013 release The Tide, The Thief and River’s End, Caligula’s Horse were

Billy Sherwood, Citizen, 2015

Ever since his Worldtrade days I have been following the works of Billy Sherwood. And ever since those days, he has created

Magic Pie, King For A Day, 2015

This band is amongst the first to get a feature here on the blog, and with good reason. It is always hard

The Wicked Mercy, Sundown, 2015

It took me a while to figure out whom singer Case Bakker reminded me of, but then it hit me, The Cult’s