F-uki, F-uki Music, 2016

From Japan comes F-uki, who was pretty adamant I’d write about this album. So I will. Self described as “Pursuit of balance

Adult Cinema, Teaser Trailer, 2016

Another one of those albums that slipped between the cracks for a long time. But now surfaced again to claim it’s spot.

The Missing Piece, Dream Rider, 2016

With a band name coming from a Gentle Giant album, yes, this is a progressive rock album of sorts. And while the

Lost Lakes, Self Titled, 2016

Alas I cannot remember for the life of me how I got this. And unfortunately I did not receive any info with

Dewa Budjana, Zentuary, 2016

One of my favourite Moonjune Records artists, Indonesian guitarist Dewa Budjana, has found a new home in Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label.

The Aurora Project, World Of Grey, 2016

Two years back The Aurora Project took a serious blow when rhythm guitarist and lyricist Marc Vooijs suddenly died. The band took

Songsbury, Self Titled, 2016

Mhm, not sure how this ended up on my desk. But anyway, I got it, so I listened to it. This is

Shaman Elephant, Crystals, 2016

Karisma Records are again bringing us an interesting new band from Norway. So let me introduce you to Shaman Elephant, a 4

Terry Draper, Window On The World, 2016

Remember Klaatu? No? Shame, anyone into progressive pop / rock should own their back catalogue, especially the album Hope. But anyway, one

Offworld, Some Circles Are Square, 2016

Well, I guess this is for the ones who like their music trippy and psychedelic. The core of Belgian band Offworld are

Soul Exchange, Bloodbound, 2016

Even though I believe this is their second album, for me this is my first time listening to Swedish band Soul Exchange.

Seventh Station, Between Life And Dreams, 2016

Alas I have little information about this album. I think someone contacted me about it, but cannot find a bio or anything.

X-Panda, Reflections, 2016

Second X-Panda CD that made it into my player. And like first time around, I find myself pretty impressed by the album.

Rani Chatoorgoon, Samsara, 2016

This album has already made many rounds in my player. And this is not because I had a hard time getting into