Maks, 3FT No Diving, 2017

Maks are a Dutch rock band, initiated by singer and multi-instrumentalist Maks A. Assisting him are Peter Bernauw (guitars), Claudio Guliker (bass),

Ted & Majella, Better Together, 2017

The Ted in this release is famed guitarist Ted Turner, whom you might know from his days in Wishbone Ash, or the

XSyntax, Watermusic, 2017

XSyntax is the alter ego of fellow Dutchman and synth enthusiast Richard Aardenburg. Richard claims to be influenced by Rick Wakeman, Jean

Hadal Sherpa, Self Titled, 2017

From Finland comes this 5 man instrumental progressive rock band. And while we have discussed instrumental prog here before, Hadal Sherpa manage

Sunroad, Wing Seven, 2017

So while we are talking about Fred Mika, I might as well tell you about the latest effort from Sunroad as well

Lesoir, IV Latitude, 2017

While I had heard about the band Lesoir, this is actually my first time hearing one of their albums. And the album

Murder and Parliament, Self Titled, 2017

Not sure, but think this is the first Bad Elephant release on the blog. With more to follow, rest assured 🙂 Murder

Syzygy, Misconnected Man, 2017

From Gainesville Florida, USA, comes this trio, an alignment of 3 celestial objects (which is what Syzygy literally means). And while this

Vantomme, Vegir, 2017

Ah, another Moonjune Records release. And featuring none other than the mighty Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Stick Men) on bass!

Marygold, One Light Year, 2017

Oh, this must be the wet dream for those progressive rock lovers that keep stuck in the seventies. Italian band Marygold have

Dawson Rutledge, Monsters, 2017

One of the best things about doing this is that you get to hear a wide variety of music. And since variety

Bad Butler, Not Bad At All, 2017

After a couple of more progressive albums to listen to, now back to a more straight in your face release. Bad Butler

DBA, Skyscraper Souls, 2017

In full this is the Downes Braide Association. With Geoff Downes being the prog rock legend from the Buggles, Asia and Yes.

The Foxholes, Sci-Fox, 2017

The Foxholes have been featured here before, making this their second release on these pages. And from a dialect, we now move