The Sighs Of Monsters, Lie, 2017

the sighs of monsters - lieOh yeah, I cannot help but like a band who clearly state they love albums and respect the album as an art form. That’s the spirit boys! So hailing from London UK we have this quartet and their second album (after 2014’s Ground).  On it you will find 12 songs with a total running time of 46 minutes. In a way one could consider this as an art-rock or prog band. But actually that would be selling them short as the songs vary too much to put into one category. On the other hand, that might just be a very progressive thing…

Listening to the album I was hooked from the first bars of I Hear Drums. Call it infectious, call it catchy, call it what you like, it is a damn clever way to start. From a bit of distance it is quite remarkable how 4 guys can deliver music so diverse and still sound spot on in every second of it. Whether it is a more elaborate track like Superman In The Silence, the almost Johnny Cash sounding Fight or the almost New Wave sounding song like Hello. And if you now think this is a patchy work, forget it. Don’t know how they do it,  but nothing seems out of place here.

So there you go, the album as an art form and The Sighs Of Monsters as the advocate, I love it.


Pete Oxley Nicolas Meier, The Colours Of Time, 2017

pete oxley nicolas meier - the colours of timeThe latest solo album from Nicolas Meier was discussed here not that long ago. I loved that very much for its richness in melody and fabulous guitar playing. And now he is back already with partner in crime Pete Oxley, who turns out to be of the same calibre. And together they serve a double album no less.

The first CD is the aptly titled Duo with 10 songs with them both playing a wide variety of guitars. Electric and acoustic, nylon or steel string and even a fretless one. Their playing is full of warmth and feel. It is obvious they are both extremely talented as they shine in their solo spots. But to me they keep their eyes and ears firmly on the song and deliver some tasty tunes here. Special mention for A Piece For Peace, which is carried once more by heavenly melodies and is soooo beautiful. The fretless playing sounds a bit Eastern, but is intriguing none the less.
The second album is named Quartet for obvious reasons. Yes, they are joined by Paul Cavaciuti on drums and Ralph Mizraki on all sorts of basses. This leads to 8 songs of the same exquisite playing, but understandably more bottom and rhythm. At the moment my favourite song here is Tales. the melancholy here one can almost taste.

So I can recommended this set for anyone who appreciates guitar playing, melody and doesn’t mind a bit of jazz thrown in.