Heartscore, Black Riders part 1, 2018

Oh man, where to start? From their bandcamp page comes this: “Heartscore sets the dark poems of the famous American author Stephen

Xavi Reija, The Sound Of The Earth, 2018

Spanish maestro drummer Xavi Reija is giving us another insight in his musical world. And if you are familiar with his previous

Electric Mud, The Deconstruction Of Light, 2018

After repeated listens to this album, I still was struggling a bit with how to describe it. So I checked the website,

Claudio Delgift, The Essential, 2018

Claudio Delgift is an Argentinian guitarist who so far has released 7 albums and a couple of EP’s. All these are only

Ronny Morris, Sweet Silence, 2018

I cannot help but smile while listening to this debut from Danish musician Ronny Morris. Not because of the beautiful and a

Seven Thorns, Symphony Of Shadows, 2018

From Denmark arrives power metal band Seven Thorns. Whom I suspect also love the likes of Symphony X, since their sound incorporates

The Chris Squire Tribute, A Life In Yes, 2018

The Chris Squire Tribute is carried largely by producer Billy Sherwood. Who not only is the replacement of Chris in Yes (on

Rich Krueger, Nowthen, 2018

Let me first confess I am not really an Americana expert. Still I think that Rich Krueger’s album Nowthen qualifies as such.

Karmamoi, The Day Is Done, 2018

Karmamoi are an Italian prog rock band around the duo of Daniele Giovannoni (drums, keyboards and backing vocals) and  Alex Massari (guitars

Snew, You’ve Got Some Nerve, 2018

Even when this turns out to be their fourth album already, I must confess I had never heard of Snew before. And

Tusmorke, Osloborgerlig Tusmorke, 2018

Apparently the Norwegians of folk/ psych/ rock band Tusmorke are working so hard, they can manage to release 3 albums in 12

Oak, False Memory Archive, 2018

I know some people think rock is dead. Or that the only good progressive rock music was released in the Seventies. Well

Overhead, Haydenspark, 2018

Wow, over 6 years have passed already since I wrote about the magnificent Of Sun And Moon album from Finnish band Overhead.

Eric McFadden, EMF Does AC/DC, 2018

Well if the title does not give it away, the subtitle will (Acoustic Tribute). Yes, Eric McFadden decided to record a full