Baskery, Coyote & Sirens, 2018

Talking about never judge a book, ehr CD by the cover. Don’t know about you, but when I put this CD in

Cranston, II, 2018

A tad unexpected, but more than welcome is this second effort by Cranston, simply titled II. And again the songs were written

Armored Dawn, Barbarians In Black, 2018

This front cover screams metal now doesn’t it? And yes, you’d be right! Now it is just a questions of what type

Ljungblut, Villa Carlotta 5959, 2018

When the first song was playing, I was suddenly thinking “have U2 gone new wave?” But then I remembered I was listening

Pymlico, Nightscape, 2018

Originally a project that served as an musical outlet for Norwegian drummer and multi-instrumentalist Arild Broter (with a / through the “o”),

Nitrate, Real World, 2018

If you are a fan of Eighties melodic rock and never can get enough, than you must be familiar with Melodic Rock

Peak, Electric Bouquet, 2018

Another album that has been playing for quite a while here at YMB HQ, is the debut from NYC band Peak. Consisting

Stimuli, They Are We, 2018

This album has been spinning quite a few times the last couple of weeks. And it just keeps intriguing me! Let’s first

Dialeto, Live With David Cross, 2018

Brazilian band Dialeto teamed up with David Cross and recorded and released this set. Both the band as well as David Cross

Cellar Dwellers, Junkyard Chronicles part 4, 2018

With part 4 the Cellar Dwellers are closing their Junkyard Chronicles. And have completed the picture! In the meantime I have seen

Ally The Fiddle, Up, 2018

Of course the violin is an instrument that is no stranger to progressive rock / metal. Think Kansas, David Cross or Apocalyptica.

BlurryCloud, Pedesis, 2018

Second feature of this one man band, and it is also the second release. Yet this time things have been done different

Aaron Brooks, Homunculus, 2018

After a 2 year hiatus, former Simeon Soul Charger songwriter Aaron Brooks returns to the scene. Helping him are, amongst others, 2

Odin’s Court, Turtles All The Way Down vol. II, 2018

The reason that I very much prefer to receive a CD for review purposes, is not only that I still think that