Ajalon, On The Threshold Of Eternity, 2005

ajalon - on the threshold of eternityI reviewed a more recent album of Ajalon earlier here, and now this one turned up for playing.

Interesting here is the use of flutes in some tracks. Gives it a folk vibe at times. But other than that, I feel I can repeat myself saying that Ajalon is worth checking out if you are into classic prog or progressive rock.

Is some aspects this album made me think of bands like White Heart or John Elefante. These are also Christian acts who serve very convincing material without preaching their beliefs to the listener all the time. Ajalon are definitely more progressive though. Not unlike (in a positive way) Neal Morse, for which member Randy George is also active.

This material only grows after repeated plays. It is so diverse, yet able to attract with the clever use of melody and arrangements. Great performances throughout. Songs ranging from 4 to 16 minutes. It is all I can wish for in a progressive band. Top notch, so don´t hold back and buy their albums.  Simple!

Personal play tips: play and repeat…


Ajalon, This Good Place, 2009

ajalon - this good placeThis is the first album I hear of this American band. Based on this, it will not be the last! Excellent symphonic rock. But before I get ahead of myself, a step back.

When the disk started I was somewhat confused. I really thought it sounded kinda plastic, especially the guitars. But it didn´t take long to get sucked into listening. Though I still feel that they can improve in some aspects, this has turned out to be a very versatile and upper class disk. The overall sound suits the music just fine, so forget my earlier whining.

The most important member seems to be Randy George, who also plays with Neal Morse live. That gives the direction away a little. But understand me right, Ajalon are no copycats. In fact, most does not resemble Neal, or his former band mates SB at all. Here a lot of material focusses on the excellent vocals and the sometimes incredible guitar shredding. As is standard in this type of music, there is a lot of feel and light and dark in the album. And the inevitable epic track is present here also ;-).
I am sure it will get better with every play. Love this stuff!

Personal play tips: just push play en then repeat.