Classic: Vandenberg, Alibi, 1985

vandenberg - alibiWith recent new emerging that Adrian Vandenberg is again working on new songs to be released, I thought it would be nice to write a little about the band. Of course many will know songwriter and guitar player Adrian Van den Berg mainly from his work with Whitesnake, but he has done a lot more. Manic Eden comes to mind, and also the band bearing his name. Biggest hit Burning Heart is on an earlier record, but I choose the 1985 Alibi album.

Why? Well I happen to think it is their best! All trademarks of this fantastic band (saw them live a couple of time) are present: melodic hard rocking songs like All The Way, Pedal To The Metal or Fighting Against The World, the beautiful ballads Once In A Lifetime  and How Long (which in my humble opinion are better than their hit), a short instrumental track Prelude Mortale, where Adrian proves he also masters the acoustic guitar and the stunning instrumental Kamikaze that ends the album with a bang!
In between we are also treated with more rockers (Voodoo, Dressed To Kill and the title track) which just prove the adagio all killer no filler. All still sounding great, from one of the best Dutch bands ever.  So now just wait what is next…