Slug Comparison, When You Were Living Here, 2019

Second album from Canadian singer / guitar player Doug Harrison (Fen). The first one was released a couple years ago and I

Stimuli, They Are We, 2018

This album has been spinning quite a few times the last couple of weeks. And it just keeps intriguing me! Let’s first

Ewian, Of Those Who Drown To Live, 2018

Already album 4 for Ewian!  You can also find their 2014 and 2017 release here. The intriguing front cover was made by

Kiddie Coke, Medical Walls, 2017

Here is a French band that started out in 2010 and consists of Christelle Lacombre on vocals and guitar, Yann Charliquart on

Ewian, Heart Crash Boom Bang, 2017

I quite liked the previous Ewian album that landed on my desk, so was very curious to find out how this one

Semistereo, Trans Earth Injection, 2017

Holy Cow! Man, I just love how sometimes an album takes you by surprise and just blows you out of your socks.

Everlost US, Live And Let Go, 2016

Everlost or Everlost US are in essence a one man band as it is Jared Kay  who takes care of vocals, piano,

Witchers, Self Titled, 2015

Witchers are an alternative rock band from Norwich UK, and this is their debut. As influences they cite The Mars Volta, Radiohead,

Slow Down Molasses, Burnt Black Cars, 2015

This is the first full length international release of these Canadians, after the success of their limited release of their 2012 title

Slug Comparison, Self Titled, 2014

Fans of Opeth, Porcupine Tree or Katatonia please pay attention. Slug Comparison is the moniker under which Fen vocalist and guitarist Doug

Ewian, Good Old Underground, 2014

A rather new international project has risen around Latvian born and German raised Ewian Christensen (vocals, piano, sounds). On this album he

Fireflight, Now, 2012

As Fireflight are a band seldom heard of in my part of the world, I figured I bring them to your attention

Skillet, Rise, 2013

And here we have another première. For me that is, as Skillet already have a bunch of records out. This quartet has

T.A.G., Swallow Your Modesty, 2011

So, this is the first CD from T.A.G., formerly The Alter Glow? That maybe the case, but I am sure that under