Dimitris Korontzis, 5 Elements, 2019

Dimitris Korontzis is a guitar player from Athens in Greece. He has released his first Jazz-Fusion LP Empathy in September 2017 and

Crystalline Dream, Seventh Chakra, 2019

Been a while since some kind of instrumental ambient / new age typed music arrived. But here we have Crystalline Dream, which

Electric Mud, The Deconstruction Of Light, 2018

After repeated listens to this album, I still was struggling a bit with how to describe it. So I checked the website,

XSyntax, Watermusic, 2017

XSyntax is the alter ego of fellow Dutchman and synth enthusiast Richard Aardenburg. Richard claims to be influenced by Rick Wakeman, Jean

Janet Feder, This Close, 2015

Don’t know about you, but I kinda like it when an artist releases music that is so personal and intimate, it is

Sara Forslund, Water Became Wild, 2015

For me the second album on the Volkoren label, and one with similarities to that first one, from David Ahlén. And one

David Ahlén, Selah, 2015

This is my first acquaintance with both David Ahlén (sorry can’t find the o to go above the A) and his label

Yagull, Kai, 2015

Well, this release of MoonJune certainly turned out to be surprising. Whereas most of their releases are in the Jazz, Fusion, Prog

Sylvium, Waiting For The Noise, 2015

With yet another new line-up (now adding scene veteran Fred den Hartog on drums) Sylvium are back with their third release. And

Oceans Of Night, Midnight Rising, 2014

All around nice guy Scott Mosher (guitars, bass and keyboards) and his Oceans Of Night project are no strangers to the blog.

Rock Company presents Earthshine

Independant label Rock Company has just presented the first video for their new project Earthshine. The project aims at delivering instrumental music

Jet Black Sea, The Path Of Least Existence, 2013

Okay, the press sheet mentions this is progressive, ambient, instrumental, experimental rock. And that is all true. Adrian Jones is responsible for

Devin Townsend Project, Ghost, 2011

Devin Townsend. The guy that screamed his way through the Sex & Religion album from Steve Vai? Who released several seriously heavy

Forest Field release Pioneers Of The Future

Forest Field are happy to announce the release of Pioneers Of The Future. With an international cast! Ambient progressive rock with guitars,