Beardfish, The Void, 2012

beardfish - the voidAh, it has been a while since a Beardfish album landed in my player, but the boys are back with this 2012 release of The Void. In between more material has been released by the way, but I am still catching up!

So the first thing to notice is that the guitars are cranked up quite a bit here. And I like it! Voluntary Slavery almost becomes a prog metal work out, such is the power and riffage on display. And Turn To Gravel opens with a heavy groove that would make Led Zeppelin proud. But of course a band of this calibre will not let us get away with only throwing a lot of power at us. The keyboards are there, don´t worry. Alas the hammond organ is less prominent than before, but if you listen close enough, more vintage sounds pop up. In They Whisper it is a Wurlitzer, and the piano version of Ludvig & Sverker is based upon…, well I guess you figured that one out already. So as the CD develops things are becoming more in the expected progressive rock territory. Again Beardfish prove to be able to entertain with ease. And when an album gets better with every playback, you just know you are slowly falling in love with it.

So don´t worry about guitars, or about crossing borders, Beardfish still manage to come up with music that is simply too good to ignore. A must buy for fans of the genre and people with an open mind have another CD to delve into.


Beardfish, Destined Solitaire, 2009

beardfish - destined solitaireLooking back on my posts I noticed a lot of symphonic and progressive albums. Must be a phase I am in. Naah not really, I love that stuff.

So another one of those is this band with the quirky name Beardfish. Likely a concious effort to resemble Spocks Beard? This I sometimes noticed in the songs, though they are surely not a copycat. The start of the album is very promising, with a lot of Hammond organ. Reminded me of another great band from the same part of the world I reviewed earlier: Magic Pie. But as the album progressed (pun intended) the differences became more clearer.

It is obvious that these guys are very competent. They add a slight jazz feel to their songs. Not only on chord progressions and moods, but also through their choice of weapons. Harpsichord anyone?
The music is at times mainly instrumental with a lot going on, and at times it is melodic with typical symphonic use of organ, mellotron etc.. As a whole this is less rock as the earlier mentioned Magic Pie. Nevertheless, this is convincing material. And according to the “law of symphonics”, they do not shy away from creating lengthy material…

Only criticism I have is the use of certain words. We have a saying that translates to something like ” they don´t need to do that”.  Meaning they have enough quality to show for and don´t need to shock the listeners. Now is shock a too big word, but I hope you get my point. But maybe I get it after reading the lyrics.

Personal play tips: Awaken The Sleeping, Destined Solitaire, The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Off.