Craig Karolus, Journey Of Divine Instrumentation, 2013

Craig Karolus - Journey Of Divine InstrumentationOne of the benefits of doing this, is that you sometimes get to hear music long before it is officially released. So it is great when an artist confides in you enough to let you listen to a new album and have a peek at the artwork. Thank you Craig!

In this case I am talking about the third release from Craig Karolus called Journey Of Divine Instrumentation (JODI). Find my thoughts on his second album here.
And that title is chosen with a purpose, to honour the long missing Jodi Huisentruit. Craig grew up with her and her 1995 disappearance was devastating. Several tracks on this album are dedicated to her, and proceeds of them will go to the Jodi´s Network Of Hope. A good cause if any! On his website you find some footage about this case.

So on to the music then: If you have heard of Craig´s music before, then it will not come as a surprise that this album is again a very peaceful and moody affair. Beautiful serene melodies over sonic soundscapes built on piano and strings. Included in the arrangements are for instance acoustic guitar, harp, female voices and a trumpet in Veterans and Jodi. Alas I do not know if it is all done by Craig, or if there are guest musicians involved, but it all sounds really convincing!

As Craig always says: “relax, it is new age music at its finest”. So if you are into this genre, or need some music to chill out to, take a dive in, as this is again a wonderful instrumental album! Release date is July 4, 2013.


Craig Karolus, Family Values, 2012

Carig Karolus - Family ValuesNow on to something not yet featured here on these pages: New Age. Yeah I hear you thinking: ain´t that listening to the sound of waves, dolphins or the grass growing? Well…. not quite! What we have here is an album by American artist Craig Karolus that has a lot more to offer.

Craig is really good at writing serene and gentle pieces of music that reflect the album´s subject really well. Having dealt with personal losses a lot the past year, he transformed his emotions into moving songs that pay hommage to the persons that inspired them.
Opener Fleurida is a perfect example. Soft and gentle, with plenty of room to breathe and enjoy his sound layers and subtle piano playing.  Jacob´s Tribute is a surprise, a much more rocking song with fantastic arpeggio´s, drums and guitar solo´s. I really like it´s arrangement overall, with all it´s twists.  The title track is another example of soothing piano with violins playing the lead melody. Here also, some drums and acoustic guitar are heard.  A lady sings some melodic lines without words as well, a little in the vein of Pink Floyd. Following that with another tasty guitar solo only enhances that comparison, just wished he kept that going a little longer…
With 8 tracks clocking in at over 41 minutes, this is a great disk to put your mind at ease with. And hey we all need that from time to time.

Craig has been all over the internet the past months and made videos for most of the tracks on offer here. I encourage you to follow the link to his website and from there head on over to YouTube to check him out. And buy this thing on iTunes or so. As yet it is not sure this CD will get a physical release so for now, chill….