D’Ercole, Made To Burn, 2018

d'ercole - made to burnAnd the hardest working man in the music business is back. This time with the band D’Ercole which features  Damian D’Ercole on guitars. B.F. D’Ercole on drums and the mighty Phil Vincent on vocals and bass, and additional drums and guitars.

If you are familiar with Phil and his work, you know you can expect driving rockers, heavenly melodies with tons of harmony vocals, lots of guitars and shredding solos. So opener Time To Walk Away delivers his brand of rockers. And Out Of Time is another one of his beautiful melodic pieces, where Paul Sabu guests on the guitar solo.  Another guest is trusted pal Vince O’Regan (his former Legion partner) who shreds away in 6 tracks.
Also on the album, the last recordings of guitarist David Zycheck (RIP), on the tracks Feel The Burn, Get Undone and Tragedy In Motion. And these tracks show a different side of both men’s combined talent. More groovy, some downtuned guitars, yet still melodic and energetic.

These additions to the familiar sound add some extra sizzle to the plate. And while the overall picture is familiar, this, and other little details in the mix, show that Phil is still pushing forward and trying to expand. With a back catalogue of over 30 albums and contributing to numerous others, a sign that the man is still hungry to learn and grow.

That alone is so cool. As is the record.


D’Ercole, Rock Scar, 2011

d'ercole - rock scarThis second album from D’Ercole comes pretty hot on the heels of the first one. But when knowing that American singer and multi instrumentalist Phil Vincent is on board things become clear. We all know the man is one of the hardest working dudes in music!

So with the same cast of characters as on the previous one (Damian D’Ercole on guitars, Phil on vocals and keyboards, William Arnold on bass and Tane DeAngelis on drums), the band fire their brand of hard rock away at us. Obviously heavily influenced by 80’s hard rock and metal, this is another slab of melodic riff monsters for y’ all.
Opener Silent Pain reminded me a little of Ozzy in his prime. But this and the other tracks are as we have become to expect, Melodic, heavy on the guitars, upbeat, and with the keyboards adding colour to the songs. Vince O’ Regan (Legion) and David Zychek provided some guitar solos, but not because Damian himself isn’t capable of delivering them.
Face In The Crowd is a little more experimental during the opening sequence, as is My Only Hope (great themes here). But I guess that we have Tragik as an outlet for that side of Phil’s music. Personal favourite is In My Time Of Need, that is one of the best tracks from Phil ever and has many sides to it, giving it an almost progressive feel.

Only confusing thing is that the CD tracks don`t match the booklet info. But hell, it is about the music anyway… Support the man if you are into this type of music!