DeWolff, Orchards/Lupine, 2011

dewolff - orchards lupineIn my previous post about this young Dutch trio, I already hinted that for their age, the guys made a very mature impression. And we’ d better prepare to be amazed if they managed to keep up the quality.

Well rest assured, the band did just that. Still rooted in that corner of the music world where Hammond (oh yeah baby!) and Mellotron are accompanied by powerful drumming and wailing guitars (yeah again!) and diverse vocals, with two feet firm in the music of the seventies, this album shows growth. More diversity, memorable music and melodies and all that with a sound that sits comfortably with the instruments used. Like they have a time machine and put it to good use.

Among my favourite tracks of mine are the relative short Evil and The Midnight Sun, which has some great hooks, Everything Everywhere because of it’s variety and mood swings, changes of pace and use of dynamics, and Love In C Minor because of it’s quirky intro, and mid paced riff that sticks and the excellent Hammond play and musical interlude that reminded me of King Crimson battling with Black Sabbath on a Sunday afternoon.

So older, wiser and better. Will be fun to watch how far they will be able to take this as they deserve a big audience!


DeWolff, EP, 2008

dewolff - epThis is a 6 track EP, with 2 songs getting the single edit treatment, thus leaving us with 4 tracks to get an idea of where this band is aiming at.

Consisting of 3 very young dudes, this is actually old music style wise. They must have been raised on a diet of Flower Power, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and other classic rock acts because that is what comes out of my speakers. Heavy Hammond riffing with big drums and guitars.
But what a confidence! This is not a feeble attempt at mimicking, this is pure believe and drive. I am impressed, especially considering the age. If they are able to continue on this path with this quality, the future is looking bright. And rightly so. A full album was released about a year later, so go check them out!