Tony Mills Festival Fundraising and Bands info

Tony Mills Festival fundraiserAs many of you already know, Tony Mills was diagnosed with terminal cancer in April 2019, so a huge fundraising effort is underway to collect as much money as possible for cancer research in Italy.

Black Swan Productions is very honoured to present the Tony Mills Festival Crowdfunding effort. There are many ways you can donate. All money will go to Tony Mills for his therapies or to the Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro, according to the information on the website. Please support Tony Mills and cancer research by donating and be generous! We need you.

The Tony Mills Festival is a celebration of Tony Mills life and music, organized by Black Swan Productions, that will be held on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at the Luppolo Saloon in Roletto (TO), Italy, from 3:15 to 11:30PM, in the context of a larger 3-day biker fest.

tony mills festivalThere will be six bands, selected by a team of Italian record labels, playing a selection of their original material and Tony Mills songs from his different projects. The festival will close with a rare headlining performance by Docker’s Guild, who will present a special show made exclusively of material featuring the voice of Tony Mills (Docker’s Guild, Shy, TNT and solo works).


Docker’s Guild, The Heisenberg Diaries, 2016

dockers guild - the heisenberg diariesThe full title of this second Docker’s Guild release is The Heisenberg Diaries, Book A: Sounds Of Future Past. Maybe qualifies as one of the longest album titles ever? Anyway, this is the first of 4 transitional albums placed between the 5 that tell the main story. So when Douglas R. Rocker gets his way, we will have a total of 9 albums by the time he is finished with what he has planned. Just let that sink in for a moment…9 albums!

Well, as far as storytelling goes, this one focuses on the youth of Doctor Heisenberg and in particular his love of Science Fiction. So all music are covers that relate to SF movies and series. Which results in a big trip for me, being quite the fan. Just some names to give you an idea: Queen with Flash Gordon get a suite, as well as Toto with their fantastic Dune soundtrack. The Neverending Story, Dr. Who, Red Dwarf, Barbarella, Space 99 and a few others.
All is done in typical DG style, with Douglas, who handles vocals and keyboards, being surrounded by an all female cast. More name dropping here: Nita Strauss, Roxy Petrucci, Elize Ryd, Amanda Somerville and Anna Portalupi to name a few of them. We could have been treated worse here.

If you liked the first album, or if you are into SF, or just because you like female artists and or prog, this will prove a worthy addition to your collection. I was fortunate to be able to check the CD release. With spectacular artwork from Blekkmark and some hints as what is yet to come, surely something you will not want to miss. Digital formats are already available, the CD will hit the streets on February 26 on Rock Company and other retailers. Make sure you check it out!


Docker’s Guild Pledge New Album

docker's guildStraight from Douglas Docker comes this message:

Docker’s Guild is very proud to announce that their second album titled “The Heisenberg Diaries – Book A: Sounds of Future Past” is finally finished!

Today we celebrate this by launching the crowdfunding campaign in partnership with PledgeMusic. We have prepared over 30 really unique and exciting exclusives for you. Ranging from a basic digital album download (€10), through all kinds of merchandizing, never before heard preproduction demos and documentaries, all the way to the highest honor of all, the credit of executive producer (€5000). You will be part of an exciting journey which only the pledgers will have access to, and contribute in financing not only this album, but also in setting the beginning of production for Docker’s Guild 3rd album, “The Mystic Technocracy – Season 2: The Age of Entropy”.

We can only do it with your help. Help us carry on the dream!

A few links:
Crowdfunding Campaign Page
“The Heisenberg Diaries – Book A: Sounds of Future Past” Digital EPK
Docker’s Guild Official Website
Docker’s Guild Official YouTube Channel
Docker’s Guild Official FaceBook Page

Docker’s Guild, Season 1: The Age Of Ignorance, 2012

Dockers Guild - The Age Of IgnoranceActually, the reason for this write up is quite a sad one. I was somewhat aware of this album, but it was not until Melodic Rock reported about an open message from founder and writer Douglas Docker that I contacted the band about the release. In short, that message was an expression of disappointment as Docker found out that his album, created with blood, sweat, tears and a lot of money, was mainly illegally downloaded, instead of bought. And the simple conclusion is, without money, there can be no follow up. Because, as you will understand from the title, this is supposed to open up a line of releases (5 in total!). And with known guests like for instance Gregg Bissonette, Tony Franklin, John Payne, Göran Edman, Tony Mills or Amanda Somerville, let alone a good studio to let this sound as we expect it to, one needs to make money from selling the album, to be able to continue. A cause I am openly sympathetic to!

So after that rather long introduction, let´s get back to that original task: what is my opinion on this CD? Well that is quite simple: I loved listening to the album! This is very catchy music, that is more melodic than metal. Especially the keyboard work is great and very tasteful (Docker plays them). The concept is of course something familiar for style afficionados. Think Ayreon, Avantasia and sorts. But I feel, that even when this is progressive, it´s emphasis on melody and keyboards sets it apart from those references. The fact that the David Bowie song Loving The Alien finds a place within the concept, is a bonus in my humble opinion. I won´t go into the story here, something you will have to ponder over for yourself after you have laid your eyes on the booklet. 😉 I will conclude by stating I hope in the end everything will turn out for the better and we will get that next album after all, I will be looking forward to it. For that to happen we do need your support, so don´t be shy and start clicking…