Fates Warning, Darkness In A Different Light, 2013

Fates Warning - Darkness In Fates are back! And if you consider yourself a fan of the band, than that is all you need to know. Get it!

Okay, the readers that apparently are still here, will not be so familiar with Fates Warning. Which means they have been missing a lot. So let me try to give you some insight. For many the attraction of the band´s music will lay in (in random order) a) the singing of Ray Alder. Very recognisable voice, an unique ear for melodies and still melodic. b) the song writing skills of Jim Matheos. The guitarist is a master in combining clean parts with metal riffs, counter play and songs with dark and light. Pun intended. c) the skilled and very inventive drum work of Mark Zonder. Oh wait, Mark has left the band and now Bobby Jarzombek is hitting the skins. And does a pretty good job at it too.

These 3 important factors have secured Fates Warning their own sound and place in the annuals of prog metal history. And on this album they continue where they left us a couple of years ago. And before you think they do not develop, you are wrong. At least partly. But I like the band and their music. Old partner Frank Aresti is back and the band sound in good spirits and inspired. Which makes me hope the next release will not be 8 years from now (wild guess, I did not look that up). Welcome back!


Classic: Fates Warning, Parallels, 1991

fates warning - parallelsFates Warning was never able to reach the same heights as Dream Theater has. And it is open to discussion whether that is justified. But despite there being no justice in the world, the band´s output can easily withstand comparison to the best out there. Prime example is this, their 1991 released Parallels album.

Already the opening track Leave The Past Behind is a representative of all there is to like about this band. Intricate guitar arrangements courtesy of Frank Aresti and band leader Jim Matheos, superb vocal lines of the very recognisable Ray Alder and the inimitable drumming of Mark Zonder. Joe Dibiase is the one holding it all together with his bass.
But that is not all, a track like Eye To Eye will appeal cross genre and could, no should have been big in the day. The track The Eleventh Hour is pure bliss. Over 8 minutes of progressive metal of the highest order and one of the many highlights. From the soft opening to the strong riffing further on, this is timeless progressive metal of the highest quality. The break into the chorus still giving me chills as, is the guitar riff starting half way and repeated later. Next songs like Point Of view or We Only Say Goodbye are also top notch. Unbelievable how good this all still sounds to this day!

The band has made many astonishing albums in their career so far. Check them out if you don´t already know them. They deserve it.