Rome, Parlez-Vous Hate?, 2021

While I am late to the party, Rome was rather quick to follow up on The Lone Furrow, with this, Parlez-vous Hate?

Rich Krueger, The Troth Sessions, 2020

Second time US artist Rich Krueger gets a feature on these pages. And this is something quite different from that, his second

Rome, The Dublin Session, 2019

Back in the player is Jerome Reuter, a.k.a. Rome. With an album he recorded in ehhh Dublin with friends and local talents.

Tusmorke, Leker For Barn, Ritualer For Volksne, 2019

This latest Tusmorke album is based on 2 children musicals; The Bridge To The Other Side and The Root Of All Evil.

Les Penning with Robert Reed, Return To Penrhos, 2019

Oh my, time for something completely different… Les Penning is known for his instrumental contributions to the work of one Mike Oldfield.

Alan Simon, Big Bang, 2018

A couple of releases into Alan Simon now (check for instance this or this). And now we have Big Bang playing. And

Dawson Rutledge, Monsters, 2017

One of the best things about doing this is that you get to hear a wide variety of music. And since variety

Alan Simon, Excalibur IV, 2017

From never having heard of Alan Simon, now on to a second album. The first was his recent released Songwriter double disc,

Sonja Kristina, Anthology, 2017

This double Anthology disc from Sonja Kristina, of Curved Air fame, features a collection of her solo work and rare and newly

Alan Simon, Songwriter, 2017

It never seizes to amaze me how much there is to learn about all the music out there. Here I was thinking

Guy Paul Thibault, It’s About Time, 2017

For reasons not disclosed in the press sheet, Guy Paul Thibault has been absent of releasing new music for 17 years. Back

Michael Malarkey – Mongrels, 2017

According to the press sheet Michael Malarkey is an actor, known from The Vampire Diaries. But since I hardly watch TV, I

Lost Lakes, Self Titled, 2016

Alas I cannot remember for the life of me how I got this. And unfortunately I did not receive any info with

17 Pygmies, Isabel II, Abaddon Rising, 2015

Actually the picture on the left does not do justice to the packaging of this album. By now I would say “as