Markus Reuter, Truce 2, 2022

And here we have an album released in 2022! Based on the musical input by high profiled Moonjune artists, Markus Reuter ((touch)guitars

Beledo, Seriously Deep, 2021

Here we are in 2023, and I am still listening to albums sent to me in 2021. Anyway, a promise is a

Asaf Sirkis, Solar Flash, 2021

Israeli drummer Asaf Sirkis has teamed up with famed UK keyboardist Gary Husband and Scottish bassist Kevin Glasgow to create his new

Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Quartet, Phoenix, 2020

This quartet consists of a percussionist / Indian Tabla drummer, an accordionist, a tuba player and a composer / saxophonist. Out on

Pymlico, On This Day, 2020

With the exception of their debut, all Pymlico releases are present here on the blog. So it is nice to give their

PanzerBallett, Planet Z, 2020

My first time listening to a Panzerballett album. And it sure makes for an otherworldly experience… This is for people who are

Cody Carpenter, Control, 2020

Last year I wrote a piece about the album Force Of Nature from Cody Carpenter. And now it is time for his

Sirkis Bialas IQ, Our New Earth, 2019

Second album from Asaf Sirkis (drums) and Sylwia Bialas (vocals and waterphone) with Frank Harrison on keyboards and Kevin Glasgow on bass.

Yuval Ron, Somewhere In This Universe, 2019

Let me first set the record straight on the title. The official full length title of this album is Somewhere In This

Bryan Beller, Scenes From The Flood, 2019

Some musicians are so talented it’s almost inhuman. And when they often work with other guys whose chops are also out of

Nicolas Meier World Group, Peaceful, 2019

Guitarist Nicolas Meier has been featuring in many guises here on the blog. And where many of his contemporaries (on the familiar

Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband, Tor & Vale, 2019

Guitarist Mark Wingfield is no stranger to these pages. And while not everything he does suits me, several of his albums are

Oxley Meier, The Alluring Ascent, 2019

As if running an award winning venue, touring with Jeff Beck or releasing numerous albums isn’t enough, you can always get together

Vasil Hadzimanov Band, Lines In Sand, 2019

Been a couple of years since previous album Alive was discussed here. And looking back, and now hearing this, I have been