Grenouer, Unwanted Today, 2015

Grenouer - Unwanted TodayEarlier this year I discussed the 2013 album Blood On The Face by Russian band Grenouer. Where that release had a bit of a harsh front cover, hinting at the wrong genre, this time art and music blend wonderfully. So now their current release has been making its regular rounds in my CD player. Singer Andrey Ind works hard at promoting the band, even now they are signed to Mausoleum. Making his case once again is the music. Their slighty alternative sounding metal, which is still carrying a bit of prog styled dynamics, makes perfect sense.

For me it is hard to resist the melodies and grooves of this bunch. They wrap their ideas in relative short songs, but all pack a punch. And the album also has a great clear sound. Heavy where it needs to be, and maybe the vocals are sometimes a bit low in the mix, but that is a matter of taste. All the instruments have their spot and once again the harmonies add magic to the overall result.

For me a no brainer, everyone into melodic metal with a twist should give this a try and will surely not be disappointed. My only remark would be that the album is relatively short with 39 minutes of play time! But the quality makes up for that 🙂


Grenouer, Blood On The Face, 2013

Grenouer - Blood On The FaceDon’t know about you, but a cover like this always makes me think of very heavy metal bands. You know, death and the like. But in reality, Russian band Grenouer present a much more easy digestible form of heavy music. It has alternative touches, mainly because of the added synthesisers. And the vocals are melodic, with harmonies added to give them even more accessibility. So here you go, never judge a book by it’s cover.

I even think this has crossover appeal to people into prog! A track like Sands Of Time uses a lot of dynamics. Yet overall this is a very good alternative metal album where songs are more important than technique. Not that the guys do not know what they are doing, not by far. I like the somewhat melancholic nature of the material. When coupled with the guitar riffs and the grooves, we have an addictive cocktail. And they are not afraid to take a dive into other musical genres either, as the rap in Midday Show proves. A song like Golden Years should be huge, such is its power.

All in all a very convincing album that might be too much under your radar. I say check this out!


New Music!

grenouer - computer crimesA little light on some new bands and releases today:

The Friday Night Music Club wants to let you know you can download their beautiful and peaceful debut single of Why? for free at their website.

The Russian band Grenouer have released their new EP Computer Crimes through Copro Records (UK). It is aggressive yet melodic metal, but the guys also know how to write softer songs. Feel free to contact them at