Tragik, Tainted, 2017

Album number 7 for this US hard rock band with many pomp influences. Lead by the unmistakeable voice and talent of multi-instrumentalist

Still Living, Ymmij, 2017

The boys from Brazil are back with album 3, a conceptual album called Ymmij. Now that title might sound a bit mysterious,

The Soul Exchange, Vow Of Seth, 2017

The excellent previous album from Swedish band The Soul Exchange has been making quite a few rounds here at YMB HQ. And

Uriah Heep, Raging Through The Silence, 2017

Uriah Heep have also gone independent and this is their second release on their newly formed label. The band are determined to

Ten, Gothica, 2017

Ever since the first release X in 1996, we have been following the band Ten. I say we, because in this case

Phil Vincent, XX, 2017

Regular readers of the blog will surely recognize the name. It has been a while since I could feature American singer and

Chris Brockbank’s Phantom MkV, Phantom, 2017

From down under comes the fifth cycle of the band Phantom. At the centre: the Australian Blackmore Chris Brockbank. So to anyone

Tiebreaker, Death Tunes, 2016

And within a year another Tiebreaker album. Well, that is not 100% true, as their previous one saw an independent release before

Still Living, Humanity, 2015

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that it makes this a small world. We can now get in contact

July Reign, Here Comes The Flood, 2016

Melodic Rock Records keep delivering rock for the aficionados. Here we have a project led by Sheldon Scrivner (guitars, keys and instrumentation)

Guzzler, Guzzler, 2016

Let me see, French label Bad Reputation, Aussie band with the name Guzzler, cover with a nice lady holding a smoke at

Cherry Grind, A Room With A View, 2016

Another band from Down Under and once more on the Bad Reputation label. And reading through the press sheet really put a

Ragdoll, Back To Zero, 2016

Despite being around for about 5 years, and having released a couple of EP’s and a full length, this is the first

Sixtynine, You Are Me, 2016

Think this is the first band from Slovenia making it to these pages. But in reality, that will not be your first

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