Legion, Redemption, 2020

legion - redemptionSince their return in 2019 with Rising, Legion have wasted little time so here is their next effort Redemption. Delivering another 11 tracks, this is by no means a quick fix, trying to cash in on the gaining momentum. In fact, I think it is as least as good as their comeback album!

For those who are yet to discover the band, Legion is a combo of US singer Phil Vincent, with UK musicians Vince O’Regan (guitars), Gav Cooper (bass), Irv Parrat (keyboards) and Andy Pierce (drums). Together they deliver hard rocking tunes that may be bordering on the metallic. But since Phil is involved we need not worry about melody.
So we get power, groove, shredding and catchiness combining to form a winning formula.

Simply put, another great album that will not need much time winning you over.



New Rock Company releases

Following on last year’s stellar album “RISING”, by US/UK rockers Legion, “REDEMPTION” takes things a step further into melodic metal. Release date is March 18. Enjoy first track Run:

And just released is the new album The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from Russian project Sunrise Auranaut. Lovers of (instrumental) progressive rock will enjoy Huck’s Happiness (theme #2):

Info on the releases at Rock Company, or check their bandcamp page.

Legion, Rising, 2019

legion-risingNo matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to get the backlog in album reviews finished. One of the reasons might be Phil Vincent, because the man that never sleeps just keeps releasing new music. And this time it is with his UK buddies from Legion.

After some problems with their previous record company, they are now part of the Rock Company family and have delivered a damn fine album if you ask me. This time bordering into melodic metal, with Phil taking care of the melodies and vocal harmonies and trusted sidekick Vince O’Regan handling guitar duties. And boy does he shred his way through the 10 tracks on offer.

Kicking the album off in high gear with Nothing To Me, the band prove they have left the past behind and moved forward. Back with a vengeance so to speak. The sound is meaty, with a punchy bass and drums giving you enough oomph to go with the energetic songs. Riff after solo the band sound on fire and take no prisoners.
I know some people are afraid Phil is saturating his fanbase with all these releases. But when the outcome is this good, who cares…

Bring it on! Well, we already know there is no stopping Phil 😉


Legion, Tempest, 2014

legion - tempestOkay, the most featured people of this blog are at it again! And of course I am talking about some of the hardest working men in the biz, Phil Vincent and Vince O`Regan. Since their start as Legion in 2010, this is already album number 6! And besides that, Phil is also busy with numerous other bands and projects. What a guy!

So, Legion ranks amongst the heaviest of all things that relate to the mighty mister Vincent. Upon the foundation of Andy Pierce´s drums, Gavin Cooper´s bass, enhanced by Irvin Parrat´s keyboards, the dynamic duo fire another 11 tracks at us legionnairs. Dokken esque as often is said, but with two feet firmly rooted in NWOBHM, since the instrumentalists of the band are from the UK and only Phil hails from over the big pond.
For many people this type of music is timeless so they can buy this without hesitation. This means the guitars are loud, the solos are fast and the melodies and harmonies are addictive as always. Perhaps a little more keyboards than before, but that means it is even more varied. And a song like My Sacrifice might sound Zeppelinesque at times, but it is one of their best ever.

So no signs of ever slowing down, but full swing into the future. Love it!


Legion, V, 2013

Legion - VWhat better way to celebrate post 700 (!) than with site regular Phil Vincent. And this time it is with his British companions of Legion and their staggering fifth album in 4 years (2012 saw them release 2 discs). Most of them can also be found on the blog, and the same applies to other bands and albums where this multi instrumentalist and hard working singer is involved in.
All songs are written by Phil and partner in crime Vince O´Regan (guitars) and overall this is probably the most straightforward and hard rocking band of all things he is involved in. So a mixture of NWOBHM thrown together with catchy eighties hard rock Dokken style. On which the melodies find a perfect soil to shine.

Such a pity that the eighties are gone, as this would have been huge. Actually, I can´t think of a reason why it shouldn´t be huge today. Except for the fact that marketing budgets are not as big anymore so less people are aware music like this still exists. Anyway, glad stuff like this still is available. Hooks, riffs, solo´s, pounding drums and heavy bass, the thing many still enjoy. Rockers or a rock ballad like Take You Away, it all kicks ass.

If you also consider this type of music a guilty pleasure, you know what to do! And album number six has just been announced…


Legion, Resurrection, 2012

Legion-ResurrectionAnother new month, so about time for a new Phil Vincent release! Well this one is from last year actually and under the Legion banner. His collaboration with UK inhabitants Vince O’ Regan et al, has proven quite fruitful with 4 albums in 3 years. Well the message stays the same I think. Anybody into Dokken typed hard rock and in need of a straight rock fix, this is what you need.

Another 11 tracks of melodic hard rock, with Phil´s trademark vocals (and please pay extra attention to the harmony vocals, he does those very well!), enough guitar riffs to soothe even the most thirstiest of fans and solos galore. At times it sounds a bit like a heavier Saxon, but that could be down to the UK influence. And in my book that is not a bad reference mind you.
I like this type of kick ass albums on a regular diet. Not all day long and not every day of the week, but I surely enjoy listening to this! Always easy to digest, never a dull moment and just plain enjoyable. Fists in the air and head-banging good. And coming from one of the hardest working men on the planet (and down to earth and nice too), we all could do worse…


Legion, Code Of Honour, 2011

legion - code of honourAs we say here, forge the iron when it’s hot, so the boys of Legion wasted little time and got another release ready for us. Phil Vincent must be at it night and day. Well, as long as we get music we like we won’t complain, right?
This time the combo of Vincent (vocals, keyboards), Vince O’ Regan (guitars), Gavin Cooper (bass) and Steve Hopgood (drums) have added Nick Burr (guitars) to give the songs even more bite and body.

The music is what we have come to expect, hard rock with melody. The UK – USA combination seem to bring the best out in each other. From raging rockers like Steal The Show, Freight Train or All Is Forgiven, to the mellow balled Love Ain’t The Same, there is a fire radiating. It is pretty simple really, if you liked the first Legion record, or anything Phil or Vince have done so far, this is again a no-brainer. And if you have no clue about Legion, Phil Vincent, Vince O’Regan, Circular Logik, Tragik or D’Ercole, but are into melodic hard rock, this still is a safe buy.
After all, hard working musicians need your support, and you need a regular dose of riffing guitars, pounding drums and singers screaming their lungs out…


Legion, same, 2010

Legion - sameAh, I was starting to miss my regular dose of Phil Vincent! So great to finally lay my hands on the cooperation with UK based guitar player and song smith Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley). With Phil providing words and vocals, Vince taking care of music and guitars and Gavin Cooper and Steve Hopgood supplying bass and drums.

And boy, does this kick ass! Anyone familiar with the names above will already have a clue at what to expect. For the others: melodic hard rock with the hooks and melodies we look for in this type of music. High energy in abundance and heavy on the guitars, while Phil is his usual self with multi layered vocals and another convincing delivery of his quality lyrics.  A lot of references to eighties rock and metal, but planted firmly in more modern times.  Light and dark, slow and fast, so no one trick ponies here.
No use naming album highlights, this is a great album with no filler tracks.

Don´t know about a band website, but the following link will provide you with all sorts of info about all things Phil Vincent…