Classic: Megadeth, Countdown To Extinction, 1992

megadeth - countdown to extinctionOkay, if you are even the slightest of metal fan, this is definitely one to own. Here Megadeth are on top of their game and deliver killer songs from start to finish.

Opening with Skin O’ My Teeth, we are welcomed into Mustaine´s world in a more than fitting way. And then it only gets better. Several songs on this disk rank among my all time favourites in the genre. Think Symphony Of Destruction, Foreclosure Of A Dream and the title track. All trademark songs with great melodies, lyrics and solos. And solos we get in abundance all around. Both Mustaine as Marty Friedman are in top form and trade licks and fretboard pyrotechnics like there´s no tomorrow.

But also tracks like the powerful Architecture Of Aggression, the imaginative Sweating Bullets or the entertaining This Was My Life deserve our undivided attention. Mustaine proves over and over he is great at writing lyrics: “when you kill a man you´re a murderer, when you kill many you are a conqueror. Kill them all oh you´re `God” , ” Better pray to God for your soul, cause your ass is mine”, all from Captive Honour just proves that point.

And if you do not care about the words but like metal / trash / loud guitars / whatever, then sit through this album without it putting a smile on your face…


Megadeth, Th1rt3en, 2011

Megadeth - Th1Rt3EnIt has been quite a while since I last heard Megadeth. Somehow my interest faded a little over time. Presumably somewhere around the Risk album, dunno. But after hearing so much good things about this album, I felt the time was right to pick things up again. And as it turns out, time is right indeed. The band, with, beside usual suspect Dave Mustaine, “new” recruits Chris Broderick on guitar and Shawn Drover on drums, welcomed David Ellefson back on the bass.

First runs through the album confirmed the gossip, the band sounds very inspired. Which for me says impossible guitar parts and solos, Dave growling his way through the songs and spitting out thoughts about all the wrongs in the world as he sees it. And massive grooves to boot. And you know what, I missed it. Great to hear Megadeth return with a vengeance (sorry about missing releases in between, I promise I will catch up on those later), they are still able to kick ass big time.

Also noticed my player labels this as thrash metal. Never been good as tagging music. To me it is just metal. From the kind I like (the other kind being that I don´t like 😉 ). So if you, like me, lost touch, this release is definitely worth picking up. And if you never grabbed a taste, it is about time you give them a try. Mustaine´s voice is a taste you have to get used to, but truth be told, this is far more melodic than a lot of people give them credit for. Now where´s that play button…