Legion, Redemption, 2020

Since their return in 2019 with Rising, Legion have wasted little time so here is their next effort Redemption. Delivering another 11

Legion, Rising, 2019

No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to get the backlog in album reviews finished. One of the reasons

The Soul Exchange, Vow Of Seth, 2017

The excellent previous album from Swedish band The Soul Exchange has been making quite a few rounds here at YMB HQ. And

Soul Exchange, Bloodbound, 2016

Even though I believe this is their second album, for me this is my first time listening to Swedish band Soul Exchange.

Riccardo Scaramelli, Thunderproject Vol. 1, 2013

Not so long ago I was treated with the great hard rock from Italian band Bluerose. And now singer and guitar player

Morpheus Rising, Let The Sleeper Awake, 2011

Seems this year so far has brought me a lot of new discoveries. The latest being  UK band Morpheus Rising with their

Reece Kronlund, Solid, 2011

Review of the first Reece Kronlund album Solid, released 2011.

Revolution Renaissance, New Era, 2008

The 2008 album New Era by former Stratovarius mastermind Timo Tolkki new band Revolution Renaissance.

The Murder Of My Sweet, Divanity, 2010

Review of this 2010 debut album by The Murder Of My Sweet, Divanity.

Jorn, Spirit Black, 2009

Review of the 2009 album Spirit black by one of metals greatest current voices, Jorn Lande.

Mastedon, It´s A Jungle Out There, 2009 (remaster)

Review of the 2009 remaster of It´s A Jungle Out There by Mastedon.

Wicked Temptation, Seein´Ain´t Believin´, 2010

Wicked Temptation 2010 release of Seein´Ain´t Believin´.