Intelligent Music Project IV, Sorcery Inside, 2019

Indeed album number 4 for the Intelligent Music Project.  All songs are written and produced by Milen Vrabevski and are dedicated to

Tragik, The Power Of Suggestion, 2019

The man that never sleeps is back! This time with Tragik and the Power Of Suggestion. Of course I am talking about

Cranston, II, 2018

A tad unexpected, but more than welcome is this second effort by Cranston, simply titled II. And again the songs were written

Nitrate, Real World, 2018

If you are a fan of Eighties melodic rock and never can get enough, than you must be familiar with Melodic Rock

D’Ercole, Made To Burn, 2018

And the hardest working man in the music business is back. This time with the band D’Ercole which features¬† Damian D’Ercole on

Fred Mika, Withdrawal Symptoms, 2018

Over here in Europe the name Fred Mika will not ring a bell with all too many people I suspect. However, in

Marenna, Livin’ No Regrets, 2018

After releasing an EP in 2015 and a full length in 2017, Brazilian band Marenna, built around singer Rod Marenna, decided it

Classic: Signal, Loud & Clear, 1989

Not entirely sure, but I think that this album was my first encounter with the mighty vocals of Mark (now Marcie) Free

Phil Vincent, XX, 2017

Regular readers of the blog will surely recognize the name. It has been a while since I could feature American singer and

Brother Ape, Karma, 2017

For me personally, this is a giant treat, a new Brother Ape album. Finally! The last couple of years the only releases

Bryan Cole, Sands Of Time, 2016

Melodic Rock Records releases are becoming a regular guest here on the blog. And now it is time for Bryan Cole to

DangerAngel, All The King’s Horses, 2016

And back for another Melodic Rock Records release. And man, this one might be dividing the melodic rock crowd like never before.

The Radio Sun, Outside Looking In, 2016

These guys from Down Under are wasting no time! Already album number 3 in hardly 3 years and they are already working

Mecca, III, 2016

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this is the third album by American AOR /