Opensight, Mondo Fiction, 2022

Back in 2010 I wrote about an EP by Opensight and ended with wishing they’d release on CD. Probably I missed a

Biffy Clyro, The Myth of the Happily Ever After, 2021

It hasn’t been long since Biffy Clyro released ‘a celebration of endings’, which I hoped to be my personal celebration of the

Aeons In Solitude, Mourning Cloak, 2020

From Greece come Aeons In Solitude. This is their debut and while artwork and title may hint at a rather dark metal

Ricky Diamond, Already Dead, 2019

If you mix a part of Mötörhead with a part of Metallica in a bowl of stoner metal and throw in a

War Gods Of The Deep, Action Space Battle, 2019

Over the years doing this, I have seen some pretty stunning artwork and packaging. But if memory serves me right, this is

Legion, Rising, 2019

No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to get the backlog in album reviews finished. One of the reasons

Yage, Nordwand, 2019

Mountains. Mountain tours put to music. So do you have to be a mountaineer to enjoy this album? To continue the comparison:

Heartscore, Black Riders part 1, 2018

Oh man, where to start? From their bandcamp page comes this: “Heartscore sets the dark poems of the famous American author Stephen

Marching Out, Rock Will Never Die, 2015

So, you name your band Marching Out, your album Rock Will Never Die and start with a track called Prelude. If all

Armored Dawn, Barbarians In Black, 2018

This front cover screams metal now doesn’t it? And yes, you’d be right! Now it is just a questions of what type

Cellar Dwellers, Junkyard Chronicles part 4, 2018

With part 4 the Cellar Dwellers are closing their Junkyard Chronicles. And have completed the picture! In the meantime I have seen

Krakow, Minus, 2018

Well well, this is something different! Krakow exists for 13 years and have worked a year on the creation of this, their

Sick N Beautiful, Element Of Sex, 2018

Apparently what we are dealing with here is the biggest rock band on this side of Alpha Centauri… But loaded with creatures

The Soul Exchange, Edge Of Sanity, 2018

The boys from The Soul Exchange sure like to keep busy. Ever since coming on my radar in 2016, they keep writing