Crystalline Dream, Seventh Chakra, 2019

Been a while since some kind of instrumental ambient / new age typed music arrived. But here we have Crystalline Dream, which

Fred Grenot, Beyond The Sun, 2015

Only recently I got in contact with Fred Grenot, and this is his second album. And something completely different as to what

David Ahlén, Selah, 2015

This is my first acquaintance with both David Ahlén (sorry can’t find the o to go above the A) and his label

Rock Company presents Earthshine

Independant label Rock Company has just presented the first video for their new project Earthshine. The project aims at delivering instrumental music

Craig Karolus, Journey Of Divine Instrumentation, 2013

One of the benefits of doing this, is that you sometimes get to hear music long before it is officially released. So

Pod Persin, Movie In My Mind, 2012

What do you think the typical 16 year old would do with an iPod touch? I am pretty sure among the things

Rich Batsford, Mindfulmess, 2012

Okay, this one I did not see coming. I did a review on the previous album from Rich Batsford, Valentine Court, which

Eichstaedt, My Own Little World, 2012

The lovely Petra Eichstädt asked me if I would consider writing a piece about her new CD, issued under the Eichstaedt banner.

Songs Of Water, The Sea Has Spoken, 2010

When the band Songs Of Water contacted me if I would give their CD The Sea Has Spoken a listen, I gladly

Craig Karolus, Family Values, 2012

Now on to something not yet featured here on these pages: New Age. Yeah I hear you thinking: ain´t that listening to