Michel Héroux, Now, 2019

michel heroux - nowOn my quest to find the time to work my way through all the backlog regarding the reviews I want to write, it became time to listen to Michel Héroux.

He was so kind to include a letter with the CD, saying he was not sure about the direction he wanted, he just wanted an instrumental rock album, without it becoming a shredding project.

Well, this album did not help me shorten the list, as it turned out to be far too good for a limited amount of listens! There are a lot of influences shining through on the music on this album. Think folk, jazz, and prog rock. And while that may sound an eclectic mix, the songs delivered make perfect sense. And yes, no shredding, even though the guitar is the hero here.

Lots of feel from all involved, various moods and luscious grooves on offer. Diverse and vibrant, a great album to visit and re-visit!


Fireflight, Now, 2012

fireflight - nowAs Fireflight are a band seldom heard of in my part of the world, I figured I bring them to your attention here. I understand earlier albums are more in a (progressive) hard rock vein, but Now is mainly an alternative rock type of album. Think of somewhere between Biffy Clyro, Red, Muse and Skillet. With female vocals (and male sometimes).

So yes, the guitars are heavy and the alternative touches stem from the use of keyboards and sequencers and the trading of lead and harmony vocals. Lead singer Dawn Michele has a very pleasant voice and is able to carry the tunes with ease. Because the dynamics in a track like Escape, it is not hard to imagine this band rocking hard to extended songs. Since this is my first encounter with Fireflight, I have no preconceived idea of what to expect. I like this. It has balls, it has melodies and a ballad type song like He Weeps is plain beautiful.

So I for one am surely trying to track down older material. And as it seems a new album is in the works, there is more to look forward to. Oh, and finally a band that puts all their web presence on the back cover. Man, don´t ask how many keep you in the dark about that…