Phil Vincent, XX, 2017

Phil-Vincent-XX-2017Regular readers of the blog will surely recognize the name. It has been a while since I could feature American singer and multi instrumentalist Vincent on these pages, but it is with pleasure I present his latest album XX. Indeed, solo album 20, but the discography is of course much much longer with his participation in D’Ercole, Legion, Cranston, Tragik, etc. Let alone contributions to many other releases.
This is a straight solo album, with Phil handling songwriting, drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and of course ALL the vocals. Not to mention recording and mixing. Yet he did invite some of his friends to play guitar solos, including William Roux, Paul Sabu (also Cranston) and his buddy from the Legion days, Vince O’Regan.

On offer are 11 tracks in 45 minutes. Meaning that there is no epic this time, but songs from 3 to 4 minutes and 2 that play for 5 to 6 minutes. But that has not changed anything style wise. This is still kick ass melodic (hard) rock with sometimes a bit of proggy arrangements. To me it feels that the production skills keep improving with more depth in the overall sonic soundscape. And speaking of depth, impossible it may sound, but is his singing voice really better than ever?
The choruses are catchy as always and the songs are pouring with hooks. So in short another welcome addition!


Phil Vincent, Slave to Sin, 2014

phil vincent - slave to sinThe most featured musician on the blog is back with a new release! And even with 30 or so releases under his belt, Phil is still pushing boundaries. So tracks like Slave To Sin and Rise rank amongst the heaviest things he has ever done. With even some growling vocals on the latter, and that´s a first. Bad Girl on the other hand has a fun reference to AC/DC and Let Me Be The One has an almost singer-songwriter appeal to it. And a wonderful guitar solo from his Legion partner Vince O´Regan. Because as is common on his solo releases, all other instruments and the mix and mastering are handled by the man himself.

And the biggest surprise might turn out to be the almost 14 (!) minutes that are Harmonic Destruction, constructed of 4 parts, Regrets, Even Now, Suite Revenge and Gaia Storm. Some progginess is rubbing off on Phil it seems :). And of course songs like Take Me Back, Mystery and Illusion are text book Vincent songs. That is melodic hard rock for you non believers.

So this is Phil at his most varied best, connecting all elements together with his singing and gorgeous harmony vocals. And if that does not win you over, than maybe check out the artwork, where a lot of the “bad girls” are present…


Phil Vincent, Face It, 2013

phil vincent - face itAh, it was about time for another dose of Phil Vincent music. As site regulars will probably know I like this very much as I am a sucker for well played and written melodic hard rock. Especially as mister Vincent has the talent of adding not only his wonderful vocal harmonies, but also brings in a lot of good intentions and authenticity. And his skills on guitars, bass, keyboards ánd drums…. So even if we have a bunch of usual suspects again on board (Legion side kick Vince O´Regan soloing, just as long time friends David Zychek and Billy Roux) it is hard for me to not like this. Especially as time is not standing still and Phil keeps finding ways to surprise his crowd.

Like opener The Lost Self. Good message and completely a-capella so we can witness that vocal magic in full ehh colour. Or some more progressive overtones lurking in the longer tracks like We All Die Young or Divided. Or the more modern approach in Can´t Go Back. It never seizes to amaze me how this guy can write and record so many songs in a year, and still won´t compromise on impact. You just gotta love that. Well, I do anyway.

My edition has the 2012 digital release Solar Flare added as a bonus disk! More value for money and together another winner for the hardest working man in the business and all around great guy . Support him!


Phil Vincent, Solar Flare, 2012

phil vincent - Solar FlareAmerican singer and multi-instrumentalist Phil Vincent has been featured here before. And where recent years has seen him join several other bands (Tragik, Circular Logik, D`Ercole and Legion) and sing on other people their records, somehow he still got some time left to spend on another solo album. And solo is the key word here, although I do believe his Legion buddy Vince O´Regan shreds out a solo or two. the rest is all mister Vincent himself!

After listening to this, I kept thinking how unbelievable it is that he still seems to get better with every release. The sound keeps improving, his drums and guitars never sounded so rich like on this one. Which makes me regret it is a digital release only (his first ever!) Well I can understand with all the downloading going on, that it saves the independent artist some cash, yet a shame it remains.

Back to the music. Sometimes heavier than ever before (just check the opening trio of All Over You, It´s Finally Over and On The Run) and sometimes his more progressive side takes over like on the epic Last Goodbye, love that piano / vocal build up. Speaking of vocals, especially in the multi layered pieces, you should take some time getting a grasp of all that is going on. Fantastic once again! Recommended for anyone into melodic hard rock with some more artistic moments.


Forest Field reveal next guest!

The Forest Field project has just revealed it´s latest addition on guest vocals: American singer Phil Vincent (Legion, Tragik, D’Ercole, etc.). There is a video teaser online for the track Time he did:

The band say it is still a rough mix, but it sure paints the picture…

Check the website for more details-

New Phil Vincent single: It´s Finally Over

Brand new single “It’s Finally Over”
by Phil Vincent now available at Itunes.
All Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Drums by Phil Vincent
Lead Guitars by Vince O’Regan

Legion, Code Of Honour, 2011

legion - code of honourAs we say here, forge the iron when it’s hot, so the boys of Legion wasted little time and got another release ready for us. Phil Vincent must be at it night and day. Well, as long as we get music we like we won’t complain, right?
This time the combo of Vincent (vocals, keyboards), Vince O’ Regan (guitars), Gavin Cooper (bass) and Steve Hopgood (drums) have added Nick Burr (guitars) to give the songs even more bite and body.

The music is what we have come to expect, hard rock with melody. The UK – USA combination seem to bring the best out in each other. From raging rockers like Steal The Show, Freight Train or All Is Forgiven, to the mellow balled Love Ain’t The Same, there is a fire radiating. It is pretty simple really, if you liked the first Legion record, or anything Phil or Vince have done so far, this is again a no-brainer. And if you have no clue about Legion, Phil Vincent, Vince O’Regan, Circular Logik, Tragik or D’Ercole, but are into melodic hard rock, this still is a safe buy.
After all, hard working musicians need your support, and you need a regular dose of riffing guitars, pounding drums and singers screaming their lungs out…


D’Ercole, Rock Scar, 2011

d'ercole - rock scarThis second album from D’Ercole comes pretty hot on the heels of the first one. But when knowing that American singer and multi instrumentalist Phil Vincent is on board things become clear. We all know the man is one of the hardest working dudes in music!

So with the same cast of characters as on the previous one (Damian D’Ercole on guitars, Phil on vocals and keyboards, William Arnold on bass and Tane DeAngelis on drums), the band fire their brand of hard rock away at us. Obviously heavily influenced by 80’s hard rock and metal, this is another slab of melodic riff monsters for y’ all.
Opener Silent Pain reminded me a little of Ozzy in his prime. But this and the other tracks are as we have become to expect, Melodic, heavy on the guitars, upbeat, and with the keyboards adding colour to the songs. Vince O’ Regan (Legion) and David Zychek provided some guitar solos, but not because Damian himself isn’t capable of delivering them.
Face In The Crowd is a little more experimental during the opening sequence, as is My Only Hope (great themes here). But I guess that we have Tragik as an outlet for that side of Phil’s music. Personal favourite is In My Time Of Need, that is one of the best tracks from Phil ever and has many sides to it, giving it an almost progressive feel.

Only confusing thing is that the CD tracks don`t match the booklet info. But hell, it is about the music anyway… Support the man if you are into this type of music!


Legion, same, 2010

Legion - sameAh, I was starting to miss my regular dose of Phil Vincent! So great to finally lay my hands on the cooperation with UK based guitar player and song smith Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley). With Phil providing words and vocals, Vince taking care of music and guitars and Gavin Cooper and Steve Hopgood supplying bass and drums.

And boy, does this kick ass! Anyone familiar with the names above will already have a clue at what to expect. For the others: melodic hard rock with the hooks and melodies we look for in this type of music. High energy in abundance and heavy on the guitars, while Phil is his usual self with multi layered vocals and another convincing delivery of his quality lyrics.  A lot of references to eighties rock and metal, but planted firmly in more modern times.  Light and dark, slow and fast, so no one trick ponies here.
No use naming album highlights, this is a great album with no filler tracks.

Don´t know about a band website, but the following link will provide you with all sorts of info about all things Phil Vincent…



Phil Vincent, Passion And Pain, 2009

phil vincent - passion and painLately I have been listening to Phil´s music a lot. Whatever the monicker (solo, Tragik, D´Ercole, Circular Logik), he always delivers the goods. With a new release with Legion coming up, he remains one of the busiest men in the biz, giving Tommy Denander a run for his money 😉

This album he released early 2009 (or maybe late 2008) and it is another testimony of the man´s talent. As you will know by now, solo he records almost all instruments himself. This time he got some guitar stuff and solo´s from Michael Riesenbeck, Steve Albanese, William Roux and Michael Sprague.

The music stays true to form. So expect quality melodic hard rock based on catchy guitar riffs and sometimes keyboards, with the piano being the preferred weapon of choice. Some songs develop a more progressive nature (Rumors), but most tracks operate within the chosen field. Phil always writes catchy melodies, so you will sing along quite fast. Over the years the music has a tendency of becoming more guitar heavy, but in my book that is actually a good thing.
As always it is hard to pick a few songs that are above average, as his output has a constant level. No fillers ladies and gentlemen. If you don´t own any CD’s visit his site and listen to some samples. You will find the links to buy his stuff there as well. Do it and support independent music.