Pod Persin, Mind Craft, 2012

pod persin - mind craftOkay here we go! Soundtrack music for gamers, geeks and freaks that have nothing better to do. And you should take some of that quite literally as this album is obviously inspired by the mine craft game that is all the rage in the gaming community right now. And like on his first album, 16 year old (at the time of recording) Wil Grisack shows a keen sense of humour with his  song titles: Welcome To My Mind, And I Say To Myself What A Beautiful Cube, In Love With My Skins, Beats The Minecraft Soundtrack (month 3) or Carpal Tunnel Begins To Set In (year 4)…

Many songs on offer here could easily be used in the actual game (or any other for that matter) as they share that same, simple midi based sound and structure. Other efforts are more elaborate and again make clear Pod Persin is an inventive and musical person. He shares the hard working ethic with his father, kids rocker Mr. Billy (famous for a.o. his 12 cd´s in 12 months quest) since this new release comes hot on the heels of his first CD and rumour has it he has already started with work on CD 3. Well, his website is online now, so maybe somewhere in between he finds time to update that as well ;-). Remarkable quality for a guy of his age and something anyone into soundtracks, and ambient or new age should check into.


Pod Persin, Movie In My Mind, 2012

pod persin - movie in my mindWhat do you think the typical 16 year old would do with an iPod touch? I am pretty sure among the things you´d come up with the answer “record an album with so called graphic novel soundtrack music” is not high on the list…

Yet that is what this guy has done. Pod Persin being the pseudonym for Will Grisack 4, son of children rocker (Mighty) Mr. Billy. So it kinda runs in the family I guess, as I happen to know that Will is a regular contributor (on drums) on his fathers live shows.

The description of graphic novel soundtrack can be extended to film and new age / ambient typed music.  All kind of moods, but fitting to these genres. Very humorous, with titles like Any Princess Movie, I Robot Grammar Bad or Tim Burton Should Hire Me. Rather short songs, but sounding pretty mature already. At least, that is how I feel about it. And the fact it is done by someone of his age, and on the iPod, only serves to proof my point. Room for improvement? Yes, in some details like the sound of the drum cymbals, not regarding his musical ideas!

Too bad the link mentioned on the back is not working, but it does give me the opportunity to point you to CDBaby, where this can be bought in digital or physical format.